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Misha’s light and fluffy Ricotta cheese is the plant-based ricotta you’ve been waiting for. It tastes even better than dairy Ricotta, and has a nutty depth with a fluffy creamy finish that we just love!

Misha’s Ricotta cheese works equally well in both sweet and savory dishes, wherever you would use traditional ricotta. Add to your light-as-air lemon ricotta pancakes, or make Sunday special with Ricotta french toast and a blueberry maple-bourbon reduction; or turn it into a rich, decadent NY-style vegan cheesecake. Make the best vegan lasagna or dairy-free pizza on the planet; or simply add to any of our other cheeses as an irresistibly extra-creamy cheese sauce.

***as always without almonds***

Lactose Free· Paleo · Keto · Kosher · 100% Vegan

Ingredients: Purified Water, Cashews, Almonds, Lemon Juice, Dates, Vegan Cultures, Olive Oil, Salt, Agar, Shallots.

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