Get to Know Misha's

Misha’s is a plant-based, dairy-alternative company created in 2018 for people who love decadent cheese but don't get along with dairy. We initially launched in the Los Angeles Farmers Market where we've been hailed the “Best Dairy-Free Cheese in the Market”.

And who are we to disagree? The proof is in the pood... cheese! Misha’s is made from organic cashew milk, blended with locally sourced fresh herbs, vegetables, and spices, culminating in real cheese, made in the traditional way - just without the dairy.

Misha’s Values: Personal Excellence, Kindness, Lifting as We Climb, Teamwork, and Freedom.

Misha’s management team is a curated group of smart, highly motivated, energetic and deeply passionate people who have come together to provide the world with the best dairy free cheese imaginable. ‘Cause… the best people make the best cheese.

our mission