Fake cheese sucks. So we did something about it.

Dairy-free cheese for people with taste buds

organic. non-gmo. kosher. plant-based. delicious.

Dairy-free Cheese For People With Taste Buds

Fake Cheese Sucks.
So we did something about it.

organic. non-gmo. kosher. plant based. delicious.

We’re also tired of fake cheese. 

So we created real cheese – without the dairy.

Misha’s cheese is REAL cheese. We make cheese the traditional way- except that we use milk from plants. Our cheeses are chef curated, with special attention to texture, flavor + sustainability. 

We spent months perfecting the flavors of our cheeses and ensuring that every ingredient was wholesome. That will never change. 



Artisan crafted “vegan” cheese. For everyone. 

From our family to yours.


Hands down the best cheese ever. 
Dairy or not. 


WholeFoods | Erewhon | Kroger | Wal-Mart


The foods you thought you couldn’t have… 
are now better than ever.

 Better. And Better For You.

There’s a few things we refuse to compromise.

• great taste + texture 

• environmental sustainability 

• chef curated

• no nut seed oils

• no “natural flavors”

• no artificial flavors

• all clean, plant ingredients 

• affordable for all

• inclusive of all diets

• made with ❤️

For People With Tastebuds.

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